A Fresh New

Sauvignon Blanc

You have a glass of Ponga to take you where you dare,

Past riverbeds and trailheads to who-knows-really-where.

So will you journey out to those bright adventurelands,

Or will you work past 6 again and leave the trip unplanned?

Note to Your Senses

With hot sunny days, cool nights, and rich South Island soil, the Marlborough region ripens Sauvignon Blanc grapes in a uniquely expressive way. Ponga begins here, and it’ll take your senses on a journey. You’ll first notice a sun-shiny clarity to the wine. Vibrant aromas of ripe citrus and tropical fruit lead to a refreshing palate full of white peach and grapefruit. The bright aromas are accented with chalky, mineral tones then a deliciously satisfying finish. When you’re ready to head out, grab a bottle to take you where you dare.

Food Pairings

Enjoy with seafood, especially Pacific oysters on the half-shell. Or sip a glass before your meal, with or without hors d’oeuvres. Ponga is perfect for any meal served at a picnic table.

Vibrant aromas of citrus
Pacific Oysters
Crassostrea Gigas

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