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On the northeast side of New Zealand’s South Island, the Wairau River flows north along the foothills and into the warm flatlands of Marlborough. It’s fertile country, temperate and dry, perhaps the best place on earth for growing Sauvignon Blanc grapes. This is where Ponga originates. But to really appreciate our wine, look east, deep into the misty forests of the Richmond Range. Or west toward the Kaikoura. Road trip county, where your destination is the journey itself. You’ll find the Ponga fern and awaken to ancient Māori influences.

Marlborough Region
New Zealand
Great with food.
Better with friends.

May The

Ponga Fern

Light Your Way

A symbol of New Zealand, images of the Ponga fern show up on railcars, flags, sports teams, and even New Zealand’s coat of arms. Endemic to New Zealand yet thirsty for travel, the Ponga makes its way around the world in the form of tattoos. New Zealanders proudly flying their flag.

So how did it become this symbol? Ponga has a superpower. Known also as the silver fern, its power comes from the distinctive silver-white color on the underside of its leaves. The color seems to glow in the night, and many Māori stories are told about the Ponga lighting the way through a dark forest. In fact, it’s the Māori who call the silver fern “ponga.”

Ponga Fern
Cyathea Dealbata

By Canoe, By Trail

What’s Out There?

The Māori, New Zealand’s indigenous people, arrived on the islands around 1300. To get there, they traveled by canoe across mind-boggling expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Because of its temperate climate, many settled in Marlborough, Ponga Territory. The silver fern, which the Māori call kaponga or ponga, became an essential element of the stories they told. The Ponga lights a way through a dark forest, a traveler reaches the destination.

D’urville island,
New Zealand
Tribal pattern

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